i have a 2012 salsa el mariachi frame in blue, which only came as a complete bike. chris king headset is on it and the bottom bracket has been put in. it has not been built up more than that. i'm still working on getting components for it (insert long, financially sad story here) but am getting closer.

the crazy thing is that i now love the 2013 red frame more. same issue as with the blue - it is only sold as a complete bike. *if* (and that's quite an "if") i should happen to find a red frame (with the idea that i'd have to put a headset and bottom bracket in that one), i'm just trying to get the sense of whether anyone would be interested in buying the blue one to get me as close to even on the red price as possible. i figure if i'm putting all this time, effort and $$$ into the bike, i want to be truly in love with the color. dork! i know! obviously if i bought the red frame without selling the blue one for a good price, i'm screwed. and if i sell the blue frame and there is no red frame, i'm screwed.

as this isn't really a "for sale" post, i'm not putting it in there. it is a size medium, by the way.