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    Trek Superfly 100 Pro or Trek Rumblefish

    Hi Everyone,

    I'd like to get your thoughts, opinions and advice on the following two models:

    Trek Rumblefish

    Rumblefish - Trek Bicycle

    Trek Superfly 100 AL Pro

    Superfly 100 AL Pro - Trek Bicycle

    Price difference is approx $400 AUD in my part of the world and my LBS. In essence the Rumblefish has the following high profile advantages:
    ~ Dropper Seat
    ~ deeper fork and rear suspension travel of 120mm over 100 on the Superfly.

    Is the extra $400 worth the extras on the Rumblefish?

    Thanks in advance...

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    I would say it depends on what kind of riding you want to do. The rumblefish will be more plush and the superfly will be faster.

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    Totally depends on the terrain. If you've got lots of technical terrain and look for the bigger chunk and stunts then the extra travel and frame beef would be nice. But if most of your terrain is mild then the Superfly is probably the better option as IME it's more efficient and rolls over the small to moderate chunk just fine. You could always use the $400 you save to add a dropper post, if desired.

    Another consideration...I was not a fan of the DRCV suspension on the Rumblefish, but from what I've read I'm in a minority with that opinion. Demo both if you're really interested.

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    are you in the NW W SW mid west South? terrain would be the determining factor here id think. not knowing what terrain you ride, i would choose the superfly; I am more for lighter and least amount of travel possible type of person (efficiency).

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    My location is Wollongong, Australia. Terrain is a mix of XC and some technical trail. There is DH but that's not my interest nor intent.

    A friend mentioned that the extra 20mm from the Rumblefish may not be that big an issue when compared to increasing skill level and ability with the Superfly and that the extra $$ saved can be used for upgrades should I choose. (i.e. dropper post upgrade suggested by PCinSC)

    The Specialized Enduro comes to mind but am supporting the LBS with Trek's and the Superfly and Rumblefish came to mind as good models within the Trek range.

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    Thanks greatly for your help and advice. I ended up purchasing the SF 100 Pro AL whilst my partner ended up buying the FR of both worlds in the end? Although her size is a 15.5 whilst mine is a 21.

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