• 03-25-2013
    Trek SF 100 sl pro or Niner RIP 9
    Hi I can get the trek SuperFly 100 al pro for $3739
    or the niners rip 9
    V1 Niner Special Buy R.I.P. 9 V.1 - Big Kahuna Bicycles - Littleton CO $3700
    V2 Niner Special Buy R.I.P. 9 V.2 - Big Kahuna Bicycles - Littleton CO $3850

    anyone have any idea how much those niner would weight?
    I saw the trek at 27.7 lb or so.
    type of riding mostly recreational, unpaved and paved road.

    any comments welcome.
    I be supporting LBS both ways so is a win win
  • 03-25-2013
    As a Rip9 owner my biased choice is a Rip 9. On an XL frame with an XT build and Arch wheels I'm in the 28lbs. range. But if you're mostly riding dirt roads the extra travel and subsequent weight may not be necessary. For me though the extra 20-40mm of travel is worth it for longer bumpier rides, more cusioning for my aging 34 year old body.
  • 03-25-2013
    Since the RIP9 is a trail bike I think you should compare it to Trek's Rumblefish (Trek's trail 29er). The SuperFly 100 al is Trek's XC 29er.
  • 03-25-2013
    If you're just riding dirt roads and paved roads with maybe an occasional stretch of singletrack, why bother getting a full suspension bike? for $3500 -$4k you can get a really light, decked-out hardtail that will work great. I ride a RIP 9 w/ 140mm fork and I bomb shuttle rides on it; way overkill for dirt roads.
  • 03-25-2013
    Hi I suffer from lower back pain so maybe the FS bike would benefit me on the longer run plus I can only have 1 bike the house is small. Thats why I figure get a FS, I know it seem to be overkill for what I be using it primary. But I have the state park close where lot of riders come from all around Tx, is a good spot and a FS would be perfect.

    I compared it to the superfly since they are a better match component wise.

    Now 2012 Fox 34 Talas 110-140mm or 2012 RockShox Revelation RCT3 Dual Air 120mm :)