• 04-24-2013
    Transition vs DeVinci long travel 29?
    I'm lusting after long travel 29ers after getting to ride a Bandit 29 last year. Transition has changed the Bandit so I don't think I want one anymore. My favorite LBS carries Transition and DeVinci. what about the Covert 29? Or the Atlas 29? Which is better? :madman:
  • 04-25-2013
    nevermind :)
  • 04-25-2013
    I like the Atlas and almost bought one before going for a Satori. The Atlas has less travel than the Bandit, so I'm not really sure that solves your problem. It looks to be a great bike, however. The Satori has near identical geometry/specs to the 2012 Bandit if that helps you any.
  • 04-25-2013
    I've ridden an Atlas a couple times, and was impressed. I really like the way Devinci's Split Pivot suspension feels. But it's far from a 'long-travel' bike. It's a comfortable XC ride. If you don't want the Bandit because Transition reduced the travel by 10mm, you probably don't want an Atlas.