Iíve been using my 100mm White Brotherís Magic for 3 seasons now on my Niner EMD. Itís a nice stiff fork with fairly noticeable rebound and low speed compression adjustments. However, itís not a very supple fork which at the time was ok for my racing/enduro needs. The fork has been quite reliable w/o any rebuild required to date so I'd like to keep it if possible - especially considering how expensive forks are becoming lately.

Recently, I purchased a Windsor Cliff 29er team for my wife. It comes with a Rock Shox Reba 29 SL Air, 100mm Travel w/Remote PopLoc. I was quite impressed with this fork plushness.

For the sake of change, Iím thinking of swapping forks (ie: Reba on my Niner and WB on my wifeís Cliff). However, my WB steerer is too short but I can get a new one pressed in for $85. Is it worth the investment?

For those whoíve tried both on the same rig, how different are they?