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Thread: Surly Ogre?

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    nice looking bikes out there!

    i've only seen primarily karate monkeys but the ogre looks very appealing. i'm a sucker for new bikes.
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    One thing that confuses me about the Ogre is the sizing.
    I'm an hair under 6'1, 33'' inseam and long arms (6'5 armspan). My current ride is a Singular Swift Large, with a 618mm ETT and 500mm ST, which I find really confortable.

    However, there seems to be some debate on sizing, mostly on the "Karate Monkey" thread of the Surly forum. Some say size 20, others 18, but few people seem to talk about ETT measurements. Mind that the ETT of the 20'' Ogre is 616mm, close to the one of my Swift

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    I went mainly based on ETT. This, to me, is the most critical. Standover and everything else were pretty close, but getting the ETT as close to the same as what I knew I liked seemed like the most important. Also, consider uses... for me, using the Ogre as a commuter/tourer was a slightly bigger priority than using it as a MTB, so I was ok with the ETT being ever-so-slightly longer than what I had on the old bike, for room to stretch out in the cockpit. If mountian biking was priority #1 for this frame, I would have looked at the shorter ETT for 'flickability'. In my case, the old ETT was so close to the 22" ogre's ETT that it was a no-brainer...the 20" would have been too short for either application, based on my preferences.

    but the short version is that ETT is the most critical. Go with that.
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    Lawfarm and commuter boy:
    I love your bikes!
    Just got an Ogre frameset today-kind of preferred the Fargo but the price was right and the Ogre definitely has some options that the fargo doesn't. Either way, its a win win. The Ogre should be an awesome bike for bikepacking, overnights, and backcountry excursions. I'm thinking of putting my salsa woodchipper drop bars on it with the bar end shifters. Might start out as a single speed initially because I have the parts around.
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    Looks like a seriously fun bike , Surly makes great fully ridged bikes.

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    I ordered an Ogre complete from my LBS yesterday, I'm very stoked. Arrived today (I love that I live in PA and QBP has a warehouse in PA lol) but probably won't be ready for a few days, I am having them strip it, face/chase if needed, and apply frame saver.

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    I picked mine up last Friday, it is an awesome ride. Once I get a few more posts, I'll put up a picture of it.

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    Any updates here? Thinking about getting one for a commuter and errand runs. Anyone have one of the completes? I'm curious if they are tanks out of the box? Not a weight weenie but....
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    2013 complete for $700??? is this right?

    New 2013 Surly Ogre Trail Fatbike 29er Complete Bike


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