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    Surly new ECR 29+ and a new monstercross Straggler with disc

    Surly Brings Back the Instigator with 26+, Adds ECR 29+ and Straggler Disc

    the ECR 29+ looks like a krampus and a orge

    Surly new ECR 29+ and a new monstercross Straggler with disc-surly-bikes-saddle-drive-18-600x400.jpg

    the Straggler is going to be my next single speed commuter. check out the rear dropouts. set screw can be set forwards or backwards.

    Surly new ECR 29+ and a new monstercross Straggler with disc-surly-bikes-saddle-drive-7-600x400.jpg

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    Sign me up for a Straggler...if the put longer head tubes on them!

    There is no reason why the CrossCheck head tubes were as short as they were, even "racing CX" frames had taller headtubes and something like a CC is used for anything but racing

    BlackMtnCycles had it right with their CX frame, wonder if they are offering discs?
    "Put any one on one of these singlespeed bikes and they could not help but have fun"
    Otis Guy talking about klunkers c1976

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