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    Caution;  Merge;  Workers Ahead! Superfly Super'stolen re: "UPS empty box" "merchandise missing"

    "Merchandise is missing. UPS will notify the sender with details of the damage. All merchandise missing, empty carton was discarded."

    This is the official statement on the UPS tracking. Wow, really? What a disappointment for all. 21" Gary Fisher Superfly SS (2009 team edition) from Michigan to California, disappearing somewhere between Wyoming, MI and Hodgkins, IL within the UPS system.

    I've shipped and received 500+ times through UPS, Fedex, USPS, without any notable issues (knock on wood), this is the first time I've experienced the "UPS EMPTY BOX" phenomenon. An online search of "UPS EMPTY BOX" reveals this situation is not uncommon. Even my neighborhood UPS driver stated yesterday that "theft does occur within our system at UPS." Especially at Xmas, would assume temporary help staff who may not have record or incentive to loyalty may be the root cause.

    Protect yourself if shipping with UPS, use insurance full value and try not to ship a box that suggests value of contents ;-) Maybe if you write in bold lettering, "BIG STUNTIN' DILDO" on the box, the box wont get tampered with. In the end, I got a refund from seller, seller got fees returned and should be getting reimbursed by UPS. Lesson learned.

    US Postal Service USPS, is still the reliable choice due to long term employees (minus the "goin' postal" variety).

    In conclusion, I was expecting this:

    And instead, I got this:

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    That's a bummer!
    Your UPS driver is a lot cuter than mine.

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    once i had a pair of cranks (graftons from back in the broken parts old days) stolen out of my box containing my new mantis profloater, amp fork and misc. cool parts and they were stolen by the Customs department in Canada of all places. UPS shipped direct from Manuf. to border.
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    I actually work for FedEx. Not directly at the facilities but I can see this happening, especially at UPS. I am not saying this because they are my competition but because of the hiring. Anyone can easily get a job there and most take it to get the benefits for school, you start at about $185 a week which is very poor. But you work 4 hours a day and no holidays or weekends ever.

    The people that do make it through the hell which is sorting within UPS are pretty much set. You are a lifer, the now CEO of UPS started out as a package loader. I went through the process myself but in the end declined due to needing more pay, which they are up front about and make sure you fully understand. A few get up and just walk out when they hear the pay.

    Not to say it does not happen at FedEx which I am sure it does. My Aunt sent me cash for Christmas one year and someone at USPS stole it, I think she sent like $20 :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by CB2
    Your UPS driver is a lot cuter than mine.
    She's def got good hands.

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