• 01-16-2013
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  • 01-16-2013
    Nice color and build. The link is different also w/the lengthened shock?
    So, how does it compare to the TBLT?
  • 01-16-2013
    Same linkage, just a 57mm stroke shock instead of 51mm.

    Compared to the Tallboy LTc I feel that it lacks only in that it weighs less than a pound more. Other than that I liked everything about the Mammoth better.

    -Made in USA
    -Not everyone has one at the trailhead unlike Santa Cruz ( pro or con depending on the person)
    -shorter chainstays
    -higher Bottom Bracket, I kept having issues with pedal strikes on log crossings/roots/rocks. I had none of those issues with the Mammoth.
    -No mid-stroke wallow (could be due to my weight at 230lbs)
    -Signifcantly stiffer (also could be due to my weight)
    -Better small bump sensitivity (different shocks though)
    -I also think its a sexier frame by far, but that is merely my opinion.

    If it doesn't sell, I won't really be too devasted honestly. I just had to "attempt" to clear out some bikes at the wife's urging as I will soon have 3 in the garage. If I don't sell it, I will just tuck it away in the attic for awhile.