Is there anything about?
I currently ride a Whyte 929, which has a lovely 68 degree headangle & reasonably short stays (it really doesn't feel that slack).
I'm entertaining the idea of short travel Full susser with similar feel, as I love my FS'ers. The obvious choice would be the Whyte 129... but as a small company they don't have that much in the way of stock & they been raved about in the UK press, so will have sold out before I get chance to buy one...

What really looks good is the like of the Specialized Enduro SX:

but with a limit production, I doubt that ever gunna be likely. Let alone whether there actually all day pedalable with a 76degree (eff) seat angle

I don't need 'long' travel , and have fell it that trap before now, to my cost. So I'm wary of the likes of the Kona Satori, Norco Shinobi, which look lovely bikes but will probably be more capable than I ever will.
Any idea's?