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    SC TRc 650b VS Tallboy

    I have had the TB for almost 2 years. This was my only bike until last December when I built the TRc 650b.
    I have ridden almost exclusively the TRc 650b since, so it was a shock to hop on the TB again yesterday.
    I should also mention that I am 5’9” 145lbs geared and ride mediums.
    First my setups:

    Medium 2011 TB QR 25lbs
    -Cockpit feels perfect (710mm Easton haven carbon bars with 80mm Easton EC90 stem)
    -Digging the 1x10 (XO cranks, 30T or 28T bling ring, Sram XX cassette)
    -Custom tuned RP23 by PUSH – made a huge difference in a good way
    -Custom tuned and converted Talas to Float by ISOTUNED at 120mm
    -Easton Carbon Haven rims (no problems with the rear hub whatsoever), the hubs were recently serviced and are very smooth and quiet
    -KS LEV 125mm dropper
    -Schwalbe 2.4 RR front, 2.25 RR rear

    Medium 2012 TRc 650b QR 25lbs
    -Cockpit feels nice, still being dialed (710mm Easton haven carbon bars with 60mm stem)
    -1x10 (XO cranks, 30T bling ring, XTR cassette)
    -Shimmed RP23 and 32 Float at 140mm – NON PUSH or TUNED
    -ENVE AM 650b wheels
    -KS LEV 150mm
    -Schwalbe 2.35 NN front, RR rear

    The TB is nicely dialed, the custom tune was well worth it. I am hesitating a bit to do the same with the TRc since I might to get a Solo in near future and sell the TRc…
    OK, here are my ride findings.
    I have ridden El Moro trails in Laguna – flat fire roads, steep uphill climbs, some twisty and tight single track, regular DH trails (rattlesnake, some trails I don’t know their names, since they are not on the map …

    TB was a bit unsecure, HA felt too steep (I did not find it so before I got the TRc…) For me, TRc is the clear winner here. It is easier and faster to change direction. It is also more fun, much easier to hop and get some air.

    Again, I felt better on the TRc and that is weird. Its HA angle is about 3 degrees slacker and the stem 20mm shorter but I never felt the front wheel popping more. I also felt less fatigue on steep fire road climbs. Smaller wheels are easier to navigate through tight swichbacks. Technical uphill was better on TRc as well – less effort to spin over rocks. I ran 28T front on the TB, so it should have been a bit easier then the 30T on 650b TRc…
    I have to say, TRc is the winner here too.

    Here I could feel the benefit of a bigger wheel, especially on wide fire roads. They just keep the momentum better.
    Winner – TB

    All around winner – 650b TRC

    Here are the variables which might contribute to the certain point:
    -Different front tires
    -Bottom bracket is smoother on the TB for some reason, the cranks spin easier (might be the recent re-lubing or the Chris King hub drags more then the Easton…)
    -I did wonders with the shifting on the TB, it’s perfect , I need to play with the TRc a bit more
    -Dialed suspension on the TB
    - The fact I was not riding the TB for some time and just need to adjust again???

    I am not sure what to do at this point. The major drawback of the TB is its limited DH capability and playfulness compared to the TRc.
    I am considering selling the TB, but it’s just so nicely dialed for me and I have invested some big $ in it…
    But I am craving a SC Solo now
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    We have both the TB and the TB LTc at home. The TB is a better climber than most and feels very stable on the descent. I'd give it another go on a few descents and see if the getting used to it process helps. The tires are fairly similar so I doubt that is causing the issue. As for the TB LTc, it is a great climber but not as good as the TB (especially on very steep non tech sections). That said it handles unbelievably well on the descent. Especially at speed.

    The Solo sounds like a great option for our area (I ride LB 3-4 times a week) and your size.

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    Re: SC Tallboy TRc 650b VS Tallboy

    I might try to use offset bushings to get a slack HT. But at this point I feel like the TRc does almost everything better, even in XC department. It just might be a big overlap between these 2 bikes...

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