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Realize this is an old thread, bumping it back up. Without much hassle Santa Cruz provided me with a new rear swing arm, no charge. Very nice.
Still loving this bike.
Late last summer I had a RP23 on the bike for a little while (long story) as my RL was out of commission. I found the RP23 with propedal made a huge difference in pedal bob and efficiency. I am in search of an RP23 for this bike; I think this is a worthy upgrade on this single pivot ride....not convinced on the new CTD stuff.
Has anyone else made the switch? Boost valve or no? What kind of tune did the shock have fore rebound, velocity, etc??
I built an SL29 with the 120mm CTD fork and a CTD shock. I have been very happy with it so far. The 120mm fork can start to wander on the really steep climbs, but I think that is more a matter of me learning how to ride with suspension again. I only have about 60 miles on the bike, but got in a 2500' climb yesterday and am Santa Cruz Superlight 29 One Month Review-sl-29.jpgloving it so far.