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    Santa Cruz Highball Carbon or Specialized Carbon comp

    There is around $1300 in price difference between the two. Santa Cruz has full XT build and 100m fox fork vs 90mm Rock shox. With the differences is it worth the difference in price is the Santa Cruz still a better value?

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    Highball all the way. Not even a comparison. Cant beat a SC frame.

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    +1, highball!!! Find a SC dealer to who will deal. The more price the bike is the more room they have to come down. You find a LBS willing to negotiate.

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    There's always next year.
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    I'll go against the flow... just because!

    I have Epic Carbon Comp, which looks to have an identical parts kit to the SJ Carbon Comp. I've had no issue whatever with any components. I was able to pull the tubes right off the wheels and go tubeless, which was the fastest for any conversion I've ever done. I'm pretty sure the shop could take the RockShox up to 100mm if you wanted--I say this because it looks to be the exact model as the one hanging off my Epic. People may disagree, but I've been shocked at how stiff the OS28 hub concept is. I was expecting the OS28 to be similar to a 9mm QR hub, but rather, I couldn't honestly tell you the difference between a OS28 fork/hub and a 15mm fork/hub. I think its that good. (I'm a 210 poundish, XC rider.)

    With all that said, the Highball does have a traditional screw-in BB, which is a plus in my thoughts. The XT brakes might be the best 'middle of the road' brake out there right now as well.

    Is there a reason that you're looking at just the SJ Carbon Comp, other than price? The SJ Expert Carbon price (and spec) wise seems to match up more closely with the Highball (based on my 5 minute quick check of both websites)

    I've had great interaction with Specialized people, but I know many have great interactions with SC as well. If the bikes are at different dealers, the better/nicer/friendlier shop might be a tie-breaker for me.

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