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    Road Tires on a 29er Arch rim with tubes. Possible?

    I had the fantasy of running Road tires mounted Notubes Arch 29er Rims on my CX Disc bike.

    Tried Conti Gatorskins 4 Seasons in 28 size and IT DID NOT EVEN over the rim. Too tight.

    I want a durable tire puncture resistant and 25 at least that fits. Anybody out there achieved this..

    I am running tubes btw.

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    yeah... no problem. not sure why your Contis wouldn't go on, especially if they are not tubeless. With Stan's rims you need to be on point with your tire mounting technique.
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    Continental road tyres have notoriously tight beads. You’ll be easily able to find plenty of frustration on the net from people like myself that have gone down the road of Campag wheel, that are notoriously over spec and Conti tyre, living the Campag/Conti nightmare. I personally know of one bloke who gave up and phoned Lovey when his GP4000 just would not go back on to his Scirocco wheel after the eyeball popping experience of removing it to repair a tube.

    The ZTR rim has a raised inner wall which reduces the likelihood of the bead gathering enough to roll off the rim, allowing safe tubeless conversion of MTB tyres. So this could be a problem as even the centre channel may not be low enough to allow the bead to go on, but if you are not conscious of this, allowing the bead to sit on the outer ledge as you work it around, I’d guess you have no chance with a Conti road tyre.

    As for puncture resistance the Gatorskin is the most puncture resistant Conti road race tyre, but is still a road race tyre, not a touring tyre. A lot of people buy them and expect too much and others are extremely lucky. Try searching “gatorskin worst tyre evah” and “gatorskin best tyre evah” and you’ll see how divided and passionate Australian racers and commuters are.

    If you want real puncture resistance in 25c, the Vittoria Randonneur is a bullet proof option, but with it’s wire bead may not be easy to fit either. If you just want a tougher than average road tyre similar to the Gatorskin, you could try Maxxis Refuse or Hutchinson Intensive.

    Good luck with it and please post up what you do in the end.

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    I ran a set of 700x40 WTB Nano cross tires on my Arch ZTR's last summer with tubes at 85 PSI resulting in a couple of broken spokes on the rear wheel. Conclusion was that they are designed and tensioned to run up to 40psi. Rolling at 85 psi de tensioned the spokes!

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