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    Open discussion about "Creaky" bikes...please

    Here is a list of bikes I have owned:
    Schwinn high Sierra
    Raleigh technium
    Trek 6000
    Giant nrs
    Giant reign
    Giant trance x
    Voodoo dambala
    Turner Sultan
    Salsa dos Niner
    Niner rip nine
    Ventana el Ray
    Niner jet nine
    Soul cycles Dillinger
    Vassago bandersnatch
    Canfield brothers nimble nine
    Giant trance x 29
    Niner rip9
    Niner ros9

    I have ridden with plenty of other people on different bikes and demoed a fair number of other bikes.

    My point being; everyone has obviously had experience with other bikes as well as their own and I am curious as to what others believe is the quietest ride. Only in regards to frame and frame hardware.
    My own experience is my Turner and Ventana were very quiet bikes and I don't recall my original Rip9 creaking. My current Rip9 (2014) is the best bike I have owned, but I do have to track down creaks every few months. Five guys I ride with are all on Stumpjumpers (29), a couple Al and some Carbon. One of the Al frames squeaks constantly, one of the carbon ones is fairly often. The others are totally quiet. My Trance X 29 creaked quit a bit, but that frame was fairly flex to me.

    Anyway, just curious as to what others experience is. If your willing to lend your experience with brands and models please jump in.

    *Disclaimer: I truly do not want to bash brands. I love my Rip, and the extra maintenance is worth it. Being a bike whore, I am always shopping and a real creak free bike would have a marginal influence, but possibly enough to help make a decision.
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    IME creaks are not brand specific. A few things that influence a bike's susceptibility to creakiness include frame type (fs bikes are inherently more prone to noise), frame material, component choices, assembly process and maintenance routine.

    How a bike is assembled and maintained has a lot to do with how quiet or noisy a bike is IMO.

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    Agreed. However, I have owned a couple of bikes that have been dead silent and some that definitely required more maintenance and my "normal" clean up and maintenance has not changed. I also build my bikes myself (not that that is a good thing). I should have clarified, I am really only referring to FS bikes.
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    I have an 09 Stumpumper fully that starts creaking when the pivot bearings need to be replaced.
    Sometimes the bottom bracket or pedals will make a little noise when they need a little grease as well.
    Once I go through and replace the bearings in the rear triangle and clean and lube everything, the bike's silent for a good long while.
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