• 11-25-2012
    Nexus 3 speed & Surly horizontal dropouts???
    I've been wanting to build a 3 speed mountain bike ever since riding a cruiser with a Nexus 3 speed. Then I saw this link labjack.com/blog/3-speed-single-speed that shows Shimano makes a non-coaster, aluminum shelled, disc brake Nexus 3 speed hub. That was last year and they have been out of stock every time I looked for one. Well the time last week that QBP had them in stock so I ordered one. Now I'd like to sell off some of my bikes and build a steel rigid 29er 3 speed. I really dig the Karate Monkey and for the price it's a no brainer, the issue is I haven't seen anyone use a KM for this and I'm not sure if the Nexus bell crank will clear the Surly drop out. Anyone have the answer or could possibly find out for me? Any help would be awesome.
  • 11-26-2012
    I have had the same issue with the On One Lurcher frame, I solved it sanding around 2mm of plastic off the bell crank.
  • 11-26-2012
    I was able to make the nexus 3-speed disc work with the Pugsley frame which appears to be same as KM.
    The curved bit around the front of the dropout pushes the shaft out alot further than expected but it never stopped working for me. I would recommend running the chain with tensioners as far back as possible to avoid interference.