Exactly 1 year ago to the day I purchased a trek 3700 with rim breaks 21 speed blah blah cheap stuff. This bike got me back in to riding. About 2 weeks later I sold it and purchased a GT avalanche 3.0 disc. I rode this bike until I purchased a used but well equipped 2007 Specialized FSR XC comp. I loved the bike but I wanted to see what all the rage was about 29ers. I was disappointed by how eager the bike was to go over the bars on bigger obstacles and how I would lose speed through soft sand or rock gardens. About a month ago I purchased a beat up Fuji Nevada 1.0 29er hard tail for 150$ on craigslist. It needed some work but for under 80$ I got it running smooth. I sold all my 26" bikes about 2 weeks after I began riding my Fuji. I just sold my Fuji yesterday and went out and purchased a brand new 2011 GT Sensor Expert for 1300$ and I got 150$ in store credit to performance bike. I absolutely love the bike and although it is heavier than my previous bikes, its faster, smoother, climbs better and is just a better bike in every way. I already got 70 miles on it and I haven't even owned it 24 hours. If you're riding a 26" bike now and you're skeptical about switching....don't think, just do it. It took me 5 bikes to get to the one where I am today. If someone gave me advice like this a year ago it would of saved me a lot of money haha. But then again the 29er's are like a fine wine or a dark beer, they're not appreciated until you can understand them entirely.

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