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    My 1st 29er. What to expect

    Well I will be picking up my first 29er this Wednesday and am pretty excited about. I picked up a used 2014 Specialized Enduro S Works 29 at a good price. I went with a long travel 29 as I currently ride a 2009 Trek Fuel EX 9.9 and have pretty much reached the extent of what the bike is capable of. I have gotten into a lot more aggressive trail riding and some downhill and figured The Enduro 29 would be a good choice for what I am getting into. As this is my 1st 29, what can I expect to see on the trail? I know I will give up some agility but I think the trade off will be worth it. I look forward to hearing from everyone (good or bad).

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    That's a sick bike! Actually I was surprised by the new design 29ers, so much so that I bought one. I think they are quite different from the older generation 29ers in the way they feel and ride. Gone is the tall truck feeling. Enjoy it and report back, curious to hear.
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    Please see same thread posted by DaveGam. Moderator please delete this thread. I forgot I had another account.


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