I recently have fallen in love with mountain biking. I had some friends going out telling me about it and I went and got a older Gary Fisher Joshua used for cheap. Well the rear shock broke and can not be rebuilt. So I have decided to just get a new bike. Well I do not have alot of money to spend and wanted to make sure I get the best bike for my dollar. I am looking at just getting a great platform that i can slowly upgrade. I have searched and searched and searched some more and have narrowed my results to two bikes. I like the Giant Talon 2 or the Jamis Exile sport. The problem I have is I have tested the Giant but cant find a lbs the carries the Exile to test. I am ready to just buy a bike and get this over with. But I want to make sure I do not make a mistake or a wrong choice. Any one have any good things or bad to say about either bike. I just got married last weekend and my wife is ready to divorce me cause every second I am online looking at bikes. I live in south florida so all I do is trail riding. Thanks for the help.