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    IronHorse Sinister 6.1 Frame

    Hey guys,

    Last year i purchased an IronHorse Sinister 6.1 so i could get into mountain biking with a group of my buddies. Since then i have made several upgrades to the bike which include new forks, pedals, handlebars, stem, headset and tires. I am pretty happy with how it has transformed and have noticed a HUGE difference with the few upgrades that i have made. My question to you all is whether or not i should bother upgrading the frame of the bike or if what i have will suffice for what i use it for. My buddies an I ride a lot of single track, some downhill, and on occasion some technical rocky type trails, minimal road use. I am a weekend warrior type rider, not every day.

    In the near future i was interested in upgrading the drivetrain of the bike as well as brakes and a rear shock. When it is all said and done i would have upgraded everything except the frame.

    So should i keep the frame? Or is it worth getting a new one?

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    FlipD, I know this come a little late and maybe you already upgraded your bike however, here's what I've been doing, I just got my son an IronHorse Sinister 6.1 at 29" wheels (dunno what size wheels you have) I have a lot of years under my belt as far as MTB goes for that reason I got him this so I can little by little upgrade the whole equipment and then get him a better frame, like in any sport, it can get quite pricy to get even an decent entry level bike ($1,500.00+) so by doing the build up little by little and getting deals here and there next thing you know you got an awesome bike, to put it in perspective, I got the full bike for $200.00, upgraded the brakes to hydraulic $100.00 (front, rear and rotors)found a much better front suspension for another $100.00, found a nice condition complete drivetrain $200.00 (rear and front deraulliers, crank with BB, 9 speed cassette and chain) new 3x9 rapid fire shifters $75.00, brand new set of 29" wheels $150.00 and last but not least the rear shock, found an used one in good condition for $75.00 rockshock, got a new set of seals $35.00 total $110.00, so, so far we got $735.00 on extra part that made the actual $200.00 bike a totally different monster, now I found a nice frame KHS PRESCOTT 2011 for $500.00, that's a grand total of $1,235.00 and I guarantee you that if you appraise that build up, it'll be worth no less than double you got it for...all of this is just for you to see that a entry level bike like that is a great stepping stone into MTB, that way if you don't like the sport, you're only a couple hundred bucks out...hope that helps...

    Keep riding!!!

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    Very well said, the sinister is an excellent building block I plan on doing that myself, i am even considering when i get mine going to a bearing shop and replacing all the bushings with cartridge bearings for smoother action and durability

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