Hey guys,

Last year i purchased an IronHorse Sinister 6.1 so i could get into mountain biking with a group of my buddies. Since then i have made several upgrades to the bike which include new forks, pedals, handlebars, stem, headset and tires. I am pretty happy with how it has transformed and have noticed a HUGE difference with the few upgrades that i have made. My question to you all is whether or not i should bother upgrading the frame of the bike or if what i have will suffice for what i use it for. My buddies an I ride a lot of single track, some downhill, and on occasion some technical rocky type trails, minimal road use. I am a weekend warrior type rider, not every day.

In the near future i was interested in upgrading the drivetrain of the bike as well as brakes and a rear shock. When it is all said and done i would have upgraded everything except the frame.

So should i keep the frame? Or is it worth getting a new one?