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    I think it's an omen...

    Last ride, I went OTB on my Mary and landed partially on my head. No major damage other than a stiff neck for the rest of the ride. Didn't even crack the helmet.

    Last night, I'm dreaming about reaching over the bars to get a dangling box hanging from a cord to shift gears. I grab the box and hit the "up" button to go up a gear and later grab the box from over the bars again to hit the "down" button to lower them again. That's right... I'm using a hospital bed adjuster to raise/lower the gears!

    I guess it's a good thing that I've got too many things going on this weekend to squeeze in much of a ride. That seems like a pretty bad omen to me!

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    Mr bill should never leave the house. Pay the landlord Mr. Sluggo by mail. For sure don't have Mr. Hand as a dinner guest.

    Hope you feel good and ride well next time out. Evel
    Yeah I gotta question. You got any excuses tonight Roy ? -Antonio Tarver

    There is room for it all, just ride what you like to on what you like to...that's freeriding. -rbn14

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