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    Help: Frame Swap Difficult? Bianchi Sok > Niner Rip 9

    Hey guys,

    Can someone help with some guidance on the difficulty and likely cost to convert my hardtail 29er to a FS fame? I know its usually better to sell/purchase complete bikes, but if this isn't too hard/expensive, i'd love to add rear suspension.

    Source Bike: 2009 Bianchi Sok 29er XL/22" Size
    Info Links: Link from Bianchi | Link on Bikepedia

    Frame to Swap In: 2007 Niner Rip 9 Large/20.5"
    Info Links: Frame Link on Bikepedia

    I am getting a good deal on the replacement frame. From what I can tell (the 2007 rip 9 specs are hard to find), the seatpost is different diameter, but the fork head tube is the same and I believe the 07 Rip also came with a 100mm Fork. The bikes are roughly from the same era, so i would think the components would likely swap, but I know there are a million small details that could go wrong and possibly be expensive.

    Any advice on problems and cost to swap are appreciated!

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    The usual issues with frame swaps are: Steerer tube, Cables and housing, chain, front derailleur, seat post and clamp, BB width head set type and stem length. (I did not check the specs of the frames you listed, but these are generally what you encounter.) Check your steerer tube length on the fork against the length you need for the new frame. It could be a deal breaker, but should be ok since the old frame is larger.

    For the most part it is not too hard to do. It would be pricey to get a shop to do the whole thing, but still cheaper than a new bike. If you are even slightly mechanically inclined I would say just start pulling parts off and bolting them on the new frame, then take it to the shop once you get as far as you can. You will only need special tools for the headset and BB.

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    Thanks mmm. I went ahead and bought the frame after checking it out today. Will decide to either try it myself or take it somewhere.

    Additional question: Should I bother doing any maintenance to the rear suspension while I am doing the build? The seller indicated no problems and it seems solid, but if now is the time to re-grease bearings, etc. I will do it.

    OR, on the other hand, would it be better to dot he build and let symptoms be my guide?


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