I've just tried this tyre up front and was very impressed.

UK conditions are wet & muddy. My local area is hard-pack with lose-over, and woods with steep slippery downs (and ups) with wet roots and stones etc thrown in. The Halo hooked up very well indeed with everything. Downhill traction/braking was excellent, cornering was confidence inspiring and it kept it's line, on off-camber, in mud-pits and everything else.

I have been riding a RIP 29er for a few weeks now and had Rampages on initially. This is when I was getting the feel of the bike, then the weather turned and I briefly tried a Klaw and then a Michelin XC AT, which the CM does out-perform in most areas. But of these and the many 26" tires I have used/tried this Choir Master felt among the best.

Klaw rear with 30ish psi and front CM 25ish (189lbs)

Edit: just missed a thread further down on this...