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    G2 Fox on Bianchi Rita/Sok

    Has anyone put this combo together?
    My Reba is into season 6, and getting tired. I have a G2 fox to swap. I will run at 100mm.
    If I recall the Rita 19.5 has a 71.5 HA.
    As they say it will ride like a bike, but will it be too twitchy a bike?
    Thoughts? Experience?

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    in theory it'll ride similar to if you dropped the reba down to 80mm... making it a bit faster steering...

    that being said my LBS buddy rode his with a g2 fox set at 80mm and loved it...

    on my karate monkey (known to be a fairly "twitchy" bike stock) I went from rigid and for my 1st ever suspension fork swapped on a g2 tora g2 soloair... it was a little twitch for me at 80mm... things got much better when I went out to 100mm... but that easily could have been just me getting much more use out of 100mm (at my uber clyd weight 100mm is good)

    I would give it a try... if you have it it'll cost ya a little bit of time and thats about it...
    - Surly Disc trucker
    - '82 trek 560 roadie

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    Thanks for the help. I'll give it a shot. I don't imagine a lot of folks are building these bikes anymore. I'm pretty attached to mine.

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    I put a G2 Reba at 80mm on my 71* head angle Gunnar, and didn't have any issues.

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    G2 Fox on Bianchi Rita/Sok-photo.jpg
    Here she is with the Fox in place.
    Rides quite nice, bedding brakes so initial ride was rollers and no long techy downhills.
    Not twitchy to me. It feels "better" this could be in part due to replacing my Reba who was in her 6th season of neglect.
    Not much left of the original Rita, just frame, seat clamp, rear hub, and brakes.

    For those that like a build sheet:
    2007 Rita
    Fox g2
    Arches, ZTR front hub, WTB single rear.
    King headset
    X9 cranks, HBC spiderless.
    XC70 flat bar
    RXL stem (105), and post.
    BB7's, speed dial
    OURY, Inbred Saddle (goofy, yet effective)

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    nice! I've been thinking of what to do with my Rita's Reba as it's got 3 years of hard riding on it. I was gonna send it to Push if I can't find a good deal on a Fox. the white looks good with the bike too...

    are you a bike shop owner? or a custom builder? I want to talk to you about your website

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    Send it to Push and get the system upgrade, you won't be sorry! It basically becomes a better-than-new for with all new internals..and actually prefer the lower WT oil that they use over Rockshox's 15WT ??? I have 2 forks done by Push, and two that aren't and there is a difference even comparing a brand new RLT TI to an older Team that has been pushed.

    Also I think the seals and wipers that come from Push are a higher quality and add to the smoothness of the fork. I would not consider sending it to Push "Breathing new life into the fork" It does that and gives it Viagra and some lessons on how to be smooth!
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    Spech Tricross Expert
    Raleigh RX 1.0

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    nice rita

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    I have a lot of time in the saddle now and wanted to update.
    First off my study is flawed as I changed forks, not just offset (reba to newer fox). I also think there is a fair bit of rider adaptation that goes on.
    With that said, there is a difference with the geometry alone. The bike is quick, not jumpy, more responsive I guess. I do notice slow speed technical benefit, perhaps most on techy climbs out of the saddle. Steering is fast downhill, not spooky.
    In all, G2 on non G2 frame works well in this application (71.5 HA)

    A side note:
    I consider myself a recovered WW. I haven't weighed a bike in a long while. I did swap to Thompson Masterpiece and Ti Silverado saddle, otherwise as above build.
    I ran into a guy with a scale... "try it it will be fun" ... "just this one time"
    22# 7 oz, and back to rehab

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