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    FireCross 700 x 45c tires out of stock/production?

    I'm looking for a narly tire for my cross check for ATV trail exploring. I just mounted a bonty XR 1.9 on the front, but what I'd really like is a Panaracer FireCross 700 x 45c - the trails could really use a tire with that kind of bite. It seems like it's sold out everywhere on the web. Has this tire been discontinued, I'm getting the feeling this is what's happened.

    Ps: holy cow, it's been a long time since I've posted on here!

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    PM me I know where a pair are.

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    It gets worse....

    The 1.75" Bontrager seems to be out of production, too, and there don't seem to be any other comparable alternatives for 700 x 45c knobbies. I just found two pair of the bontragers, and purchased one pair. If someone wants to know where those others are, you can PM me too.

    But I ALSO really want a pair of the Panaracer Fire Cross tires, if anybody else can help. Or do we know what the word is on production? Maybe they just need to do a new manufacturing run and got delayed (like, by a need to re-do the tooling to brand them as "IRD")?
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    Bontrager Jones XR 29x1.8s are 1.8 in tread only, in casing they're more a 1.6. Kenda Karma 29 x 1.9 are 1.9 in casing AND tread. In terms of diameter, the casing width makes the bigger difference as the XR 1.8 is about 28.4" diameter and the Karma 1.9 is about 28.95" diameter. If your frame can clear an actual 29" diameter tire at 1.9" width, order the karma. The closest replacement Bonty for the old pattern XR 1.8 is I believe the XR2 29 x 1.9 which isn't really a 1.9 either, and its tread pattern looks like a Kenda SB8, which makes it great on pavement, rock, and really hardpacked dirt and lousy on everything else.
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    These are expected to be back in stock around the second week of September.
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