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    fiirst upgrade from walmart special----kona hei hei 29, felt edict nine 60 or other

    buying my first real bike, hoping for a 29 full suspension around 1500-2k

    i'm clueless so would be very appreciative of advice

    so far at the LBS i found a 2012 kona hei hei for $1400 OR 2013 edict nine 60 for $ 1700. Is the felt worth the extra money? is there anything else good for under 2k? Like a good website to buy bikes I'm not doing jumps or anything crazy, just all mountain over rocky areas. Thank you.

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    Well, from those two, the Felt would be best. The forks are the same on the two bikes, but the Kona has a lockout rear shock, and the Felt does not. Although the Felt has a better build for the most part, the non lockout shock may be a bother. If you don't care about having a lockout then go for the Felt, but if you want a lockout rear shock, then the Kona it is.
    If you don;t mind waiting until next year, the new Cannondale Rush is being released in August and that would be the best for the money.
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    thanks for the advice!!

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