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    Cool-blue Rhythm Fast forward 6 mo...

    It's been awhile since I've seen these boards.
    Some may remember back in early spring I was a little less than enchanted with my 29r experience and after months of trying to dump this thing, I finally got tired of seeing it sit on the stand and be in the way.
    So I aired up the tires and took her for a spin for the first time in 6mo.
    There she was in all her fully rigid SS glory. Taking on the trail with smoothness and competence that I didn't find early on. A smile came to my face, a new joy for the simply ride of a SS again. ( I got rid of my 26r SS to buy this, so I'v been SSless for 8mo)

    So what's different? To be honest, I'm just not sure. Maybe it was the way I just through it back together for the sale, the removal of the Reba Race, disc brakes, Feegle, etc.
    She is all stock with the exception of the installation of an Easton C/F flat bar that is super narrow (23").
    The bar seems to have made a difference in the overall size and feel of the bike and it did nothing to hurt the ability to climb.

    So anyway, I just thought I'd give a "hello" to the 29r gang and voice some redemption for the 29r.
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    similiar experience

    About 2 years ago I borrowed a friends Spot SS 29er for a ride to chek out the 29er thing. Ride was ok, but nothing shocking at that time - Didn't run right out and get a 29er sort of feeling.
    Fast forward to a month ago after being a lurker/researcher on the 29er fourm for 2 years - finally bought a used 29er - selling off all my 26" stuff right now.


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    I know some claim to have an instant attraction to the 29er, while others can take it or leave it and some just leave it.
    Probably several things going on here. Too high of or wrong expectations, getting use to the differences between a 26er and 29er and fit and set up of the bike. If we were to base our 26er experience on an ill suited or poorly fit 26er bike then perhaps we would have given up on those a long time ago. Choices are good but sometimes when you make a wrong choice you blame the wheel size.

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