I am trying to find some info in this section, but can't seem to find much consistency, or maybe it is that I am a total newbie.

I have a 2008 Gary Fisher Ferrous frame with a GF eccentric bottom bracket. I attempted to loosen the BB myself, and finally figured it out after I chewed up the aluminum nut/plug the eccentric pressed itself against to loosen up. I managed to make it work, but it is now mangled.

Two questions:

1- Where can I get a new nut/bolt to replace this?


2- What new BB would you recommend? I wanted a Niner setup, however, after reading all of the horrible reviews, I am so disillusioned. I like my old setup, but if I cannot get it to work after I ruined, I do not know what to look for.

Is Carver's Eccentric BB setup for a Ferrous as well, since it states it will fit a Gary Fisher Rig?