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    Caution;  Merge;  Workers Ahead! DRÖSSIGER XEA29er Enduro-Fully 162mm on the rear and CS 430mm; 170mm stroke planned.

    Let's see what the Germans serve to the 29er table. Chainstays 430mm and 162mm rear stroke.
    DRÖSSIGER XEA29er Enduro-Fully

    EUROBIKE´14 - DRÖSSIGER XEA29er Enduro-Fully und andere 2015er 29er Bikes

    The next year it will be 170mm.

    ps. please assess me redly- simply negative I want to collect the red bricks, which you love so much

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    Needs upside down riser bars, imo.

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    STA a little steep for me but looks interesting otherwise.

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