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    Do Fujis run big. Which frame should I choose for my build. And whats it worth.

    Hey guys. A newbi here. I haven't rode a bike for over 30+ years. I'm now 54. I'm 5' 10.5", 165 #'s.

    I know I should have probably started with a lower end bike to see if I'm going to like it. But my Son/adviser seems to think this is too good of a deal to pass up. He thinks I can at least get my money back, or even make a couple of bucks if I decide it's not for me.

    I have no riding style, so I think I can just adapter to a frame size. I don't know for sure. I'm getting a package deal with choice of frames for $500.

    The 2 frames I have to choose from are both 09 Fuji Tahoe 29er's. One is a Pro, and one is a SL. The Pro is a 19" while the SL is a 21".

    I did ride the 19" just for a second. Temps was in the 20's. So it was just a quick test. The stand over was good. But he had the handle bars slammed and I felt like I was leaning over too far. But I'm sure that was just because I'm used to sitting up right.

    I just did a quick mock up of the 21". I think the stand over is too tall. I can just get 2 fingers between the tube and my junk. Is that too tall.

    All of the other parts will be the exact same ones. Just a choice of frames. Is there enough info for you guys to make a suggestion.

    Here's the the 19" as I tested. I would be getting just this bare frame. Not me in the pic.

    Here's the 21" frame.

    Here's the rest of the build.

    Shimano XTR front/rear derailleurs, and shifters.

    Juicy 7 disc brakes.

    Rock Shox Reba fork.

    FSA Moto crank.

    So is this pile 'O' parts worth $500. Could I flip it and make a buck if I had to. I don't plan on selling it. But you never know.

    Which frame would you guys suggest I take. Please let me know if you need any more info. Thanks.

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    I owned a Windsor a few years ago which was a carbon copy of the Fuji you are looking at (made by same Manufacturer). I ordered the 21" due to my preference for a longer top tube (I'm 6' and built like a Gorilla...long torso and arms, short legs). But the stand over was way too tight so I ended up stripping the frame and selling it and replaced with a 19" Access XCL. I had to run a longer stem to compensate but at least I had a few inches to clear my sack.

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