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    Diamondback Overdrive Pro Comparables

    I've been waiting for BikesDirect to get their Titanium Team Fly 29 in stock for months and months, and I'm about done with it. I haven't seen anything else in a comparable price, so I'm looking for lower priced options.

    Not that I'm in love with it, but I can get a 2014 Diamondback Overdrive Pro for $1080. Decent frame, geometry looks comparable to other high-end aluminum frames, and it has a Shimano SLX/XT blend that's about what I'm looking for (I know the wheelset sucks - I'll probably replace it eventually).

    My local Trek and Specialized dealers aren't making any deals (I've tried for months). The best offer I got was 15% off MSRP. Plus I'd have to pay CA sales tax. I'm reasonably mechanically inclined and don't think I'd have any problem putting together an internet purchase.

    Are there any other deals out there I should consider? I'd go SRAM if I had to, but I'd replace the cassette and RD with Shimano.

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    I just picked up this 2014 GT Zaskar Elite from PricePoint for $1,099 with free shipping.

    GT Zaskar Elite 9R Bike 2014 | Cross Country Bikes | GT Bicycles

    I looked at the Diamondback, but the 2014 wasn't available in my size and the best price I found on the 2015 was $1,600. The GT is spec'd very similar to the Diamondback Overdrive Pro, with a slightly lower spec RockShox Gold TK29 Solo Air vs. the Fox Evolution 32 Float CTD. GT has Formula RX brakes while the DB has Shimano Deore.

    My Zaskar, with a 22" (XL) frame, weighs 26.9 lbs. straight out of the box with no pedals. Although I don't have direct knowledge, my understanding is the Diamondback in the same frame size is right at 30 lbs. The wheels on the GT are 2,250 grams, which isn't horrible for OEM but lighter aftermarket wheels certainly exist. The GT could be brought down to 25 lbs. with a new set of wheels, going tubeless, and a couple of cockpit upgrades.

    I received the bike on Friday and assembled it this weekend. It came from PricePoint just needing the handlebars and the front wheel installed, but I decided to completely disassemble it first so I could check fastener torque, grease on bearings, etc. Everything was fine, and even the derailleurs were pretty well dialed in.

    This is my first MTB, so I don't have any deep knowledge with these bikes other than the spec sheet. I race CX and wanted to do some XC racing in the spring and summer, hence the purchase.

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