I've got a Raleigh Talus 29er Sport that I've been riding for a couple years, but I just recently started going to local downhill bike parks...awesome but my poor Talus was definitely outmatched at times.

I know virtually nothing about bike parts, maintenance, compatibility, etc. but I want to start upgrading my Talus to be more like the expensive fat bikes specialized for big DH riding. I figured I'd start by adding wider, thicker tires than the stock 2.2" ones. Problem is I have no idea how to make sense of my bike's specs, what tires are good or what would be compatible.

If anyone knows of any good fatter 29 tires that'd be compatible with my frame or can give me any advice on where to even start/other upgrades I should consider, you'd really be helping me out...I'm not bad on the bike but I'm really lost when it comes to this stuff.

Gracias in advance.