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    DB Overdrive Comp vs. GT Karakoram 2.0

    First, let me apologize if this has been asked & answered - the search isn't working this AM. My first MTB - for light trails and easy stuff around the south of Denver area. I don't want to spend that much on my first bike, in case I love it and want to upgrade later. 5'9", 165lbs so I'm looking at the medium sizes.

    I'm looking between the DB Overdrive Comp, currently on sale at Performance Bike ($750):
    Diamondback Bicycles - Overdrive Comp

    Vs. the GT Karakoram 2.0 at my LBS for $850:

    The Overdrive appears to be better specc'ed for the money. One thing I want to know is if there's a difference between the frames and geometry. They both look similar with head and seat angle the same, whereas the GT has a 6MM longer top tube. I don't know if this will affect the riding position or what else I should be looking at. Unfortunately long test rides are probably not in the cards, so I would have to pick one after only cranking around the parking lot.

    Any opinions from the experts here?

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    Medium Diamondback looks a little better with 32 vs 28mm uppers for a less flexy fork.

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