I want a new bike, 29er. I'm ride without the extreme, just on country dirt roads, macadam, forest trails. So, i need touring bike (with rack mount), but with good suspension. I choose this two bikes:

1) Cube LTD Pro 29 - 1500$

2) Merida BIG.NINE TFS XT-EDITION - 1700$

Merida have nice XT-crank, XT-chainwell, front XT-derailleur. And better brakes.

But Cube have Manitou Marvel fork (Merida - just RockShox Recon Silver), better hubs and lower price.

And i really don't know which bike is better. Suppose I change my fork from Recon to Reba. Then, Merida will be Better? Or Cube frame is more reliable and better for future upgrades?

What you think about it?