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    A couple of Qs 29 semi +

    I have a 2015 Pike and just ordered one of the Stan's new cheapy S1 line Flow with 30mm rim. I want to know what tire options exist that are going to fit. Someone out there must have experimented. Before I get flamed, I have been driving myself mad looking at all previous posts. All I could figure out was that the Nobby Nic 2.6 is really more like a 2.35 (for some people but not all).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Don't know why you say that. My NN have been mounted for 2 days, and I've made no attempt to stretch them and they're measuring right at 2.55" on 31.6mm rims.

    Don't know if they'll fit for you. I have them on a 27.5"+ bike. There's more than enough room in the boost pike. Enough for a 29/3, in fact.

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    You can look in the Plus+ forum. There's room in the regular Pike for at least a 2.7" Panaracer FBN. Measure the space between the knobs at the top of the lowers. That's the limiting dimension.

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