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    can a wider tire help some of it,s weakesses?

    thought about how slow picky technical stuff is not the 29,s favorite game and how balance suffers in slow turns and many obstacles.

    But would a wider tire actually improve this like I think it might, because of a wider area of balance and doesn't trip itself as easily

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    I don't find that 29ers really suffer in the slow stuff, it's the more moderate speed stuff that I notice more issues. There's no significant gyroscopic rigidity at slow speeds, so it's going to turn just fine.
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    After trying my first 29er about 6 or 7 years ago, a GF X-caliber, I thought I'd never ride another one again...Sucked on sharp uphill switchbacks, front end pushed on sharp downhills, just never really enjoyed it. Fast forward to this Fall and fell in love with a demo Pivot Mach 429SL and Niner RKT 9 and Jet 9 RDO.
    These new 29ers are pretty bad-ass.
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    For slow picky technical stuff I like narrower tires.
    Do the math.

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