Hi guys, - can seem to use the return key on this forum so apologies in advance for this being all on one lump - I'm a new member but been a viewer for about 5 years - and now I need some help I'm about to move to a 29er from my old cannondale f5. but I'm worried about the sizing, I'm 6'1" and 33.5" inside leg with longish arms, so looking for a bike that will handle long legs, with a shortish torso. Looking for something that will climb well, but handles speed well also. Not doing anything too technical on it, it will mostly be used for easy tracks and commuting on tarmac. I've found two massive discounts on the above bikes (50% on the kona and 20% on the trek), so looking at these initially they have a 19" and 20" frame on the Kona and a 19" and 21" on the trek. I'm leaning towards the top size for each bike but worried the 21 trek might be too long for my torso - anyone on here around my size tried either of these bikes out?