Iíve been helping a friend spec out his first 29íer rig. He ordered a Jet 9 with full XTR and Chris King hubs. The bike kit he ordered comes stock with DT Swiss TK 7.1 rims, but they seem a little heavy at 540 grams each. My friend weighs 150 lbs and he rides cross-country/trail with no big air or drops in his future. He is sensitive to keeping the bike light.

I recommend he have a set of Stanís Arch laced to his King hubs. Heís never gone tubeless, but Iím trying to convince him to try it. I know that all Stanís rims can be run with or without a tube and at 470 grams they are reasonably light even with a tube set-up. Iím afraid the ZTR 355ís would be too flexy and he does not plan on racing xc.

Are there any other reasonably lightweight rims he should consider? We've been geeking out for months debating the perfect bike set-up.