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    Best fork for an 'all-mountain almost' 29er

    I am doing a build up on a Salsa Dos niner frame. My goal is a twenty niner that can handle some pretty rough stuff... no crazy jumps, but definitely MORE than cross-country. What I want to ride is probably just short of needing an all mountain frame and I've never been a big fan of rear suspension so the Dos was the perfect compromise for a frame. Weight's not my BIGGEST concern, but I don't want a 35 lb beast either.

    My technique for the rough stuff is to focus on getting the front wheel over it fast and hang on for dear life as the rest of the bike follows.

    What would be a good fork for this build up? I have seen travel ranging up to 120mm. I know I probably want more than the 80mm cross-country travel... but I am not sure if I need 120mm.


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    Either the 100mm Reba or 110mm White Brothers Fluid - both with thru-axle. Any more than that and I think you'll lose some handling with the Dos.
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    I would concur with GrennLightGo and add that a 100mm Manitou fork, or a Maverick SC fork will also work great. I also agree that with a Dos you should try to keep the travel in the 100mm range.

    If a custom rig is possible, take a look at Siren Bikes. Brendan at Siren would be able to design the bike around the fork of your choice and the "Song" model is an excellent soft tail design. Obviously, it would cost more money, but you would get a spot on rig for your intentions. Just a thought.
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    I started with an 80mm Reba on my dos Niner and then tried a 120mm Minute for fun just because I had a spare... The 120mm really destroyed the handling of the bike, making it super twitchy on climbs and not really that fun on descents. I settled on removing the spacer on my 80mm Reba turning it into a 100mm and me and the bike are now quite happy.

    I'm not sure why you are building a dos Niner up as an all-mtn bike though... it is purely XC in my opinion. I also own a Lenz Behemoth which serves as my all-mtn rig. Back to back there are few similarities except for wheel size between the two. The dos is my choice for smoother trails or when I want a light bike (mine is ~26 lbs) but the 'moth (~32 lbs) is what I reach for when doing the chunk. Lotsa chunk here in Phoenix so I mostly reach for the Lenz.

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    best fork i ever

    hung off my el mariachi was a F29 set @ 100. The handling improved noticably with the 44mm offset of the F29 in comparison to the reba set @ 100mm i had on there before with a 38mm offset. Could ride almost anything with that set up. Another thing to consider is that if you go with a 100mm fork you can always reduce the travel to tune the handling the way you want it.

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    I'll throw in the Lefty Max (140mm spacered down to 100~110mm).

    Great fork, smooth, but it just kinda drove me crazy bob-bob-bobbing uphill due to no lock-out. You can finagle the A/C a bit by sliding the lower clamp a bit up and down on the shaft.

    If you want I can loan you the fork/steerer and a wheel.


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