I bought some Evolve XC cranks to use on my Dillinger. I swapped out for a niner biocentric ebb, and I can't get the cranks to soften up. They're SO tight. I mean, no coasting on their own at all unless I pull some torque off the crank bolt, but according to the instructions, I need to crank it until it bottoms out. They behave like this even w/out a chain on.

Because I'm using the biocentric, it has effectively made my bb shell 73mm wide and I have what is essentially a perfect chainline (rear wheel is a non-dished SS on a surly bolt on with a WI freewheel). I'm using two spacers on the drive side cup and none on the non-driveside.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? I'm afraid to pull the spacer on the driveside cup because it'll wreck my chainline, but the pressure on these cranks as we speak is sure to cause premature bearing failure. I'm thinking my next move may be to remove one of the little red polymers on the non drive arm to open a bit of space.