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    Anybody have problems with the wheels on their Tallboy LT?

    I went on my first ride on my new Tallboy LT today and had a fall that resulted in my front wheel potato chipping. I was thinking it was all my fault for failing on the nasty little climb I was on. When I got home I pulled the wheel off, removed the tire and tube and started to look to see if I might be able to true it back up. That was when I noticed that the joint in the rim partially separated. Now I am thinking that the rim may have bent because it was defective. I fell because I stalled out on the climb, so it's not a case of going fast and tweaking the wheel.

    Anybody else had an issue with the WTB i23 rims?

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    Re: Anybody have problems with the wheels on their Tallboy LT?

    ST or Team Rim? The ST is not an I-beam wheel. It should still hold up to some normal trail abuse but just a thought.

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    Mine are fine with a few dings after almost a year of abuse. Still holding up with tubeless. Talk to your lbs first and foremost...

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    ST rim. If the joint hadn't separated I would just chalk it up to bad luck. Th joint issue makes me think defective rim. I will go to my lbs and see what they say.

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    I have this setup on my tallboy. Lots of scrapes and other wear marks all over them and still running perfectly true as far as I can tell. Coming up on one year of use.

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    sounds like you just hit it right. you don't have to go fast to tweak a wheel.
    I don't follow the separated joint to a conclusion of defective wheel. Rim joints often dislodge or separate in a failed wheel.
    What's your thinking?
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