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    All things being equal: Tallboy alu R kit v 2012 horsethief

    As the title says: all things being equal and within several hundred dollars money wise, which of these two bikes?

    After endless research, rides, etc... these are the two finalists and it really is a draw.

    Do any of you have strong opinions one way or the other?

    thanks and pics to follow in the next week.... hopefully

    Thanks for everything the past few days!


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    tallboy, but i am biased... ride a TB LTc and wife is on 4" travel SPX build. we both love our rides.

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    Horsethief is a longer travel, slacker bike than the Tallboy, which is more XC. A more apt comparison would be Horsethief vs Tallboy LT. Both are great bikes. I got the 'Thief because of the great value in the component spec on the 2012. It is a great bike on descents and about the most solid, stable rig I have ridden. The slack geo makes you lose a little on climbs, but, on the other hand, the stability on technical climbs makes it a fair tradeoff. If you want to race, get the Tallboy.
    2012 Salsa Horsethief
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    TB and TBLT have different geo. also, check bottom bracket height on both. I felt very the opposite on the Thief...

    How tall are you? The thief stand over is higher too. So much so that my wife can not ride the small and loves her M TB.

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