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    to all the Salsa Fargo owners...!

    I need an help from all the Fargo owers, better if some of them also tested or owned an On One Inred 29er.
    This summer I will spend my holiday for a long bikepacking trip around the Italian Dolomites, when I took this decision around 1 month ago, I immediately started to think about the perfect bike for this job.
    I built a cheap (but great!) Inbred frame with low components, just to make a test about the kind of bike "mtb-with-dropbar", the result was.....GREAT!!!
    I love this bike, it can give me an amount of fun in all the situation, it's fast in all the conditions that I can image (but the pure offroad downhill of course).

    This test was absolutely positive, therefore I would like to build now again since the beginning an high-end bike like this because it's really too funny!

    For this reason I'm now in a great debate with myself, the point is: is it better to keep the Inbred and just upgrade some componentes like the wheels (that now are poor) or take the chance to sell the Inbred and build a brand new Fargo?

    Does anybody is able to convice me that the Fargo will be totally better that this Inbred or it will be so similar?
    I love this Inbred but in fact I never rode a Fargo, it's always in my mind when I think about the ride, and this year should be the right year to do that.

    Pls help me with your suggestions!

    Thank you!

    my Inbred:
    to all the Salsa Fargo owners...!-img_3476.jpgto all the Salsa Fargo owners...!-img_3475.jpgto all the Salsa Fargo owners...!-img_3512.jpgto all the Salsa Fargo owners...!-img_3511.jpg

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    I have close to 7000 miles on my Fargo. Great bike! Long, stable and carries a load well. Not the most inspiring ride though. I would go with what you have. Searching for the perfect bike is great fun, but you seem to like the Ogre. Improve it to your satisfaction and go. I have seen people out on really nice bikes and others on bikes that I would be embarrassed to be seen on. We all have the same fun, some just are content to be out doing it . Just my $.02. Harry

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    If the fit is right stay with it. Fargo would have slightly heavier gauge tubing to carry loads, but that makes it slightly less compliant on unloaded riding. I am a Salsa fan but I have considered an Inbred for a drop bar bike because the top tube on Fargo is too tall for my short legs. Your setup looks great, what do you need to upgrade besides the wheels?

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