I what I think is a 3 yr old Voodoo Canzo that I just never got on well with. I could never put my finger on what the problem was. I suspect it was the suspension action, and was always baffled by how smooth my friend's Canzo seemed compared to mine. Anyway, I stopped riding the damn thing about 2 yrs ago because it just bugged me too much.

Fast forward and I'm starting to think I need to ride a FS again and I'm looking at the Santa Cruz Superlight. I understand the suspension design of the SL isn't as nice/advanced/refined as say the Tallboy or other offerings, but the price point to entry is much more reasonable.

Anyone think the SL will be a back I could be really happy with, when compared to the old Canzo, or say a new Airborne FS (similar price point etc)?