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    The Maverick bikes sure climbed well. Must have been the fork.

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    Fo is wrong. It's actually a Marzocchi Shiver with the stanchion guards removed
    “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

    ― Albert Einstein

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Squeaky Wheel View Post
    Fo is wrong. It's actually a Marzocchi Shiver with the stanchion guards removed are a dick

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    Well this thread seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Any chance we can get back to talking about the 2014 and now 2015 Spearfish?

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    I test rode both the older 2013 Spearfish 2 (non-split pivot) version, and a 2015 Spearfish 3. The 2013 felt like a lowrider to me! LOL. My riding position was much more stretched out, with more weight over the handlebar, the steering was very slow, harder to do the tight turns, and lofting the front end took an act of congress. It felt like a very fast and efficient XC bike with a low bb height.

    I then test rode a 2015 and the difference was ginormous. Nimble, playful, fast but not twitchy, and it felt almost like a 27.5er. It was not perfect. The seat had very little cushion and the grips were junk and harsh on my hands in my opinion, but those are inexpensive and easy to fix. The back suspension felt less like a hardtail compared to the older model. However, it was still very efficient with no pedal bob while standing up to pedal. I also loved the quick adjustment CTD settings for both the front fork and rear shock. The 2x10 gears were nearly perfect in my opinion and shifting was very fast, precise, with no chain slap (type 2 clutch), and well optimized for those long climbs.

    Such a huge improvement with the new version! That sealed it for me, so I bought a 2015 Spearfish 3. After a few rides, I swapped the saddle to a more cushy WTB Pure V, and replaced the grips with ODI Rogue bolt-on grips. I am now doing 20+ mile runs without being completely burned out at the end. I am also doing climbs that I have never been able to do before on my FS 26er. I then did a few more rides on more technical terrain and tweaked the suspension a bit more. This bike is so well composed when the trail gets more challenging. The most noticeable things were that pedaling efficiency (no bob) and braking (no brake dive) were so much smoother and much more controlled.

    Long story short: Outstanding for those long days in the saddle, and outstanding in the more technical singletrack trails too. I am just over the moon happy with my new ride.
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