Due to financial problems I sold off my Felt Compulsion 2 about 3 years ago and have not been able to play in the dirt since. Well, a couple of weeks ago my girlfriend said she would like to try mountain biking (Yes she is a keeper ). I of course was stoked to get back into it. So excited to get back in the dirt.

So a couple of questions, What tires do you all recommend for hard pack single track? And any tires that would hold up to a small degree of street riding? I am not impressed at all with the stock tires so I will be changing these out sooner or later and not having ridden 29" before I figured I'd ask for some advice.

So far the bikes are awesome. I have changed out my seat to my favorite WTB Pure V I had from before and installed my Crank Bros Candy peddles. I also installed Lock on grips and cut 1/2" off the bars. They were way to wide for me.

Anyway, just stoked with the new bike the pic is as brought home from the LBS and before any of the upgrades.