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    120mm Fox Float on Epic 29?

    My next bike will probably be a 120mm trail style 29er and I was considering upgrading my non-thru axle stock 100 mm Reba noodle for a 120mm Fox Float 32, hoping to bolster front end stiffness. I like how low my bottom bracket is at 100mm and was wandering how much more "on top" I would feel by a resulting raise from 100 to 120. Those with experience running bikes with 100mm rears and 120 fronts please chime in, especially if you went up from 100 to 120mm on the font end.


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    Well, if you do this I'd also expect you'd lower your bar a similar amount to get it back to the same height relative to the saddle as it was when you had the 100m for on there, so you shouldn't feel any different in terms of in or on the bike feel. What you will feel is a bit more relaxed and confident on the descents since the HA would have been slacked out by just about a .9 of a degree, the steering will also feel a bit different, a bit slower if you stick with a 48mm offset fork, or just about the same to a tad quicker if you move to a 51mm offset fork. Also as you know the BB will raise about 1/2-3/4" and you'll need to adjust your saddle forward a bit since the STA would also have slackened by the same almost degree and tilt it down to achieve the same position and angle relative to what you had before.
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