• 04-28-2013
    Wheelsets - What and/or who would you recommend?
    The skinny, I'm in the market for a 650b wheelset. Please see my specs:

    Diameter 650b, why else would I post here..
    Front hub 20x110mm Thru axle, already have fork
    Rear hub 10x135mm Thru axle/bolt (1st time full susser, I want to keep the rear stiff)
    Internal rim width 21mm+, would prefer 23mm or more
    Strong I'm thinking I'll stick with 32 spoke maybe 36 in the rear.
    as light as I can afford, but really oriented in the best bang for the buck.

    Please recommend wheelsets or components and builders for custom wheels.

    My riding style is more about enjoyment than race. I maintain everything I own, so high maintenance is not an issue, but I'm not in the market for more work than something is worth. I'd like to go light, but higher engagement is more desirable. I'd like to be able to ratchet through techy stuff. I'd like something strong enough to take regular 2-3' drops + air. 16/18 poe hubs seem to be a waste I think more would be better. I tend to be a masher at times, less hammering would afford me use of better cassettes. SInce I don't really know what I want, I've been focussing more on 20mm TA + 10mm TB, There aren't many choices and it seems custom or learn to build them is the only way to go everything I'd like. Even then I'd don't know whats best for me.
  • 04-28-2013
    I'm getting a Pacenti wheel set, (I should be getting it sometime this week) cool guys to deal with and they can build you virtually anything you want. Price not bad, 600$ full build with hope hubs, should be sweet.