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    Tyre Recommendation?

    So I'm new to 27.5 and (pretty much) new to mountain biking. In amongst all of the jargon regarding tyre choice I seem to have hit a complete wall deciding which tyres to stick on my bike. I have a few questions that need answered and require some much-needed advice from you guys:

    1) I will be bikepacking to a few destinations come next spring, I want a tyre that will grip reasonably well (especially in the surprise rain that often hits Scotland), be bombproof as far as puncture protection goes and won't wear easily. In short, reasonable-to-great off road grip, puncture protection and wet weather versatility far out-trump rolling resistance, weight, tarmac performance and ultra sticky, super quick-wearing rubber.

    Can anyone recommend me a set of tyres that would fit the bill and in what thickness?

    2) I've come across people running different tyres of different thicknesses with front or reversed treads on either the back or front wheel, so exactly what optimum attributes are you looking for in front and rear tyres and why the (sometimes) difference in choice and thickness on one bike?

    3) What difference does tread direction make and is there a right or wrong direction?


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    My opinion from my experience. Kenda Nevegal 2.3 front 2.1 rear will not let you down in the wet. great grip decent weight fairly robust. The rolling resistance while not fast is no boat anchor as some claim.
    There is a new version coming out that is supposed to be faster and better but have not used it yet.
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