Building up short-travel FS into 650B. Looking for new 650b wheelset, tubeless. I'm about 170 and ride aggressive xc, no big jumps. My other bikes (carbon 29er HT) have wide carbon rims and a few Crest 29er. I like the wider carbon rims much better - set up ghetto with Gorilla tape - than the Crest but it's not an apples to apples comparison, and on a HT I think the stiff carbon rims pay off more. The wide tire footprint is great, too!

Currently have Crest 650b front. Options are to get a $250 Crest rear wheel. I even have a 12x142 Stans rear hub kit from a previous Pivot Mach 5.7c build. That'd be the most cost effective. Width of about 24.4 and inner is 21mm. I've had great luck setting tires up and they are very reliable. But I have tasted the sweetness of a wide rim and my other option is get TL28 built up or CL25.

Of these two Pacentis which would you choose in a 32 hole for my needs?

Or would you just be done with and fork over the $250 for a prebuilt Stans.